Ben Bolinske transferring back to his home town university is a bitch move

I respected the hell out of Ben Bolinske’s decision to leave his hometown of Minot, N.D., in 2015.

I questioned his decision of heading to the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, N.D., after high school because I didn’t think he was a good fit there.

Plus,  he went from the second shittest city in North Dakota to the first shittest city in North Dakota. This guy clearly doesn’t know shit about cities in North Dakota.

But I also give him credit for trying to chase his dreams.

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Ben Bolinske — courtesy @benbolinske Twitter

On Wednesday, it was announced that Bolinske is headed back to his hometown because of personal reasons and will play for Minot State next season.

Dude, you’re fuckin’ 10-ply. This goddamn kid is such a little bitch. In 2014 and 2015 he owned high school football in North Dakota. He was a three-time North Dakota Class AAA All-State first team QB. His high school squad finished runner-up in both of those seasons and he was named ND Senior Athlete of the Year.

Little six-foot Ben Bolinske dominates Class AAA football and thinks he’s a real football player so he does what any another Senior Athlete of the Year would do and tries to play Division-I ball.

Except he can’t.

And then he says what anyone else would say when they can’t be tough enough to play Division-I ball, “it’s because of personal reasons.”

Buddy, the only personal reasons you have are that you miss your mommy and you want to go back to the high school glory days.

Now, he’ll head back to MSU and probably do pretty well for the Beavers. He’ll drink on the weekends with his high school buddies and in four years after his eligibility is all used up, he’ll start selling insurance.

Or, this is even better, he’ll knock someone up and his football career will end before that.

Side note: his pinned tweet on Twitter is his announcement that he was planning on attending UND.