Dude Asks U of A to Cancel Game against NDSU in 2022

Yeah, this is an old story but I don’t care. And I’m actually surprised that this open letter didn’t blow up on social media like your typical “An Open Letter to My Sister” or “An Open Letter to My High School Basketball Coach.”

Travis Halm, nice try but your open letter to the University of Arizona will never be taken seriously and frankly it was a waste of your time.

On April 28, this dude posted an article to “The Tailgate Society” suggesting that the Sept. 17, 2022, football game between North Dakota State and Arizona should never be played.

Halm wrote, “The North Dakota State Bison have a very good football team which plays incredibly physical and smart football which often grinds even the best of opponents to a halt. This game could very likely be a good test for your squad; however, we are here to suggest you take whatever measures necessary to make sure this game is never played in 2022.”

He’s not wrong. NDSU is a solid squad but Halm and everybody else in the world don’t know what the Bison will look like in 2022. That’s five damn years away. There is going to be five more FCS champions crowned before this game takes place.

The Bison could win the next five titles or they could have five straight losing seasons, which won’t happen but never know.

Halm goes onto to write about the FBS opponents the Bison have defeated in recent years and ends his open letter with this:

“I hope you’re not too late, Arizona. From all of your FBS friends in the upper midwest, we hope you can find a way to rescind your invitation to the Bison in 2022. As you have now been warned, the Bison are capable of beating many FBS teams in some of the most humbling ways possible. Their fans will never let you hear the end of it, and I hate to say it, we’ll probably have to say “I told you so” as well. At the end of the day, none of us want to see what the Arizona sun can do to thousands of Bison fans who make the trek, win or lose.

Yours, with love

Disgruntled fans of Kansas, Minnesota, Kansas State, Iowa State and Iowa.”

THIS GAME IS FIVE GODDAMN YEARS AWAY. “I hate to say it, we’ll probably have to say “I told you so” as well.”

NDSU is capable of beating the Wildcats there is no question about that but come on dude, this game is half a decade away. Let’s focus on this season before we start asking Arizona to take us off its schedule.




Davey Richman Has the Tools, Now Make the Moves

Five days ago ESPN Staff Writer Myron Medcalf wrote an article reviewing who has the best job in every state for men’s college basketball.

You can find the 2,284-word article here.

With no surprises at all, Davey Richman, North Dakota State men’s basketball coach was dubbed to have the best job in North Dakota for college basketball coaches.

Medcalf wrote, “Coach David Richman has access to the new $50 million Sanford Health Athletic Complex, which opened last year. It’s a gem few programs outside the Power 5 can match.”

The Sanford Health Athletic Complex (SHAC) is a gorgeous facility and most universities in North Dakota can’t compete with a $50 million building.

I mean look at some of these other gyms in North Dakota. Fuckn awful with a capital A.

D-I (Betty Engelstad Sioux Center — courtesy undsports.com)







D-II (McDowell Activity Center — courtesy of goumary.com)








Image result for minot state dome
D-II (Minot State Dome — courtesy msudome.com)









And there is no reason for me to show you the gymnasiums of the NAIA or NJCAA schools or the NCCAA school.

NDSU Basketball Twitter account tweeted this out after the Medcalf article was posted:

Is life as a Bison good? I’m not entirely sure. A few months ago starting point guard Khy Kabellis announced he was transferring from NDSU.

That $50 million facility sure couldn’t keep a guy that started all 30 games his sophomore year and averaged 11.2 points per game and 33.2 minutes per game in Fargo.

Richman has all the tools but now he has to get the student-athletes. And yes maybe they will come. There might be student-athletes who never thought about NDSU before but decide to take a visit because of the new gym. Only time will tell.

This gym is badass. One of the best I’ve ever been in but if the Bison don’t produce a good product on the court it doesn’t matter how much your fancy facility costs.